Hey, How ya doin!? I'm Nic

Nice to meet you! I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Melissa my wife and twin daughters Sabine and Vivienne have made our home here. When i'm not spending time with my family, I have interests in high performance driving, golf, improving myself and socializing. 

Being super laid back I get along with everyone I meet. I'm a genuine fan of meeting new people and hearing their stories. Life is a journey in which we can grow from every new person we encounter. Being able to tell people's stories through photos is an amazing feeling. The experience of photography is just as meaningful as the photos you get from it. 


I started my Photography journey at a young age with a kodak film camera my mother owned and a lot of the disposable film cameras. I never really thought about doing it as a profession as a child or even a young adult. When digital cameras became available in the early 2000's I bought one made by Sony and wow was that a game changer for me. I fell in love with taking pictures even though I really was still an amateur with little desire to take a step to the next level.


It wasn't until my own wedding a few years back that I decided I wanted to be a part of the special moments people will cherish for the rest of their lives. We hired a friend of a friend and didn't get the results we were hoping for. I knew from the experience we had, that I could offer something so much better and way more meaningful.


Since then i've been shooting non-stop, practicing my craft, perfecting my editing and heightening my photography experience goals for the client.  I read, research, youtube and attend workshops as much as time allows to make me better than I was yesterday. 


My shooting style is a mix of artistic composition, photojournalism and modern. I'll get all your must have mom/details shots in a creative way. My favorite time for photo sessions are later in the day when the sun glows gold and hangs low in the sky. The tones that can produced during this time (golden hour) for your portrait or wedding day are second to none. When the weather doesn't cooperate, I improvise with lighting and locations you would never think could make a good photo. 

I look forward to hearing from you and telling your beautiful story!